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Lever-action sniper rifle, can be fired rapidly and it is chargeable.

In-game description

Lever-action rifle with a punch.

In-game description

The 30-30 Repeater is a lever-action rifle, first appeared on Apex Legends in Season 8 as an assault rifle and it is returning on the upcoming Titanfall 3: Milkdromeda as a highly-accurate, rapid-fire sniper rifle.


30-30 Repeater is a highly-accurate lever-action sniper rifle that can be fired rapidly and it has a good hip-fire accuracy. It is also chargeable, so the longer trigger pull would guarantee a one-shot kill, otherwise it is mostly two-shot kill against Pilots. Like Triple Take, it does not come with a rifle scope by default despite being a sniper rifle.

Pros and cons[]

  • Good hipfire accuracy.
  • Low recoil.
  • Can be charged for one-shot kill against Pilots.
    • Charge Hack hop-up attachment can allow it to rapidly fire charged shots, though it is not powerful as fully-charged shots and fire-rate is slower than base version.
  • Ineffective against Titans even with fully-charged shots.
  • Despite having a high rate of fire, it is manual-cycling weapon.