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Why have I created Forum?

"DPLForum extension is now installed on the UCP. This is a wiki-based forum feature for folks who want an alternative to Discussions on the UCP. It has wikitext. We cannot migrate your existing Special:Forum or Discussions content to it, so you would need to start from scratch on it." Release Highlights - May 14, 2020: The One With DPLForum

How to create Forum?


Initial setup

  • 1. Forum:Index → this is the subforum index and in my example have included 2:
       1. Community Feedback
       2. Help desk
    The only change between the 2 are that category= and title=Forum: are the subforum name (example → Community Feedback‎}
  • 2. Forum:subforums → 2 needed:
      1. Forum:Community Feedback
      2. Forum:Help desk
    Help:Wiki-style forums/set up uses <createbox> which is not available on UPC (bottom of page in "Parser extension tags"). Instead I have used <inputbox>. It requires the addition of type=create
buttonlabel=Add new topic
The only change between the 2 are that [[Category:Forums| XXX]] and [[category:help| Forum:XXX]] are the subforum name

As I do not have MediaWiki:Wikia.css access to add

/* Forum formatting - Algorithm & Splarka */

I stopped here. Also no access to MediaWiki:Wiki-navigation to test navigation.

TableWiz (talk) 20:42, 15 May 2020 (UTC)

Adding a reply to see if it gets "moved to the top of the list, and are shown in bold and with a Forum new.gif icon."