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A single-shot underbarrel grenade launcher attachment for most weapons.

In-game description

Single-shot underbarrel grenade launcher.

In-game short description

The GL-17 is a single-shot 40mm underbarrel grenade launcher designed to attach to a rifle like R-301 Carbine, derived from GL-44 standalone grenade launcher, manufactured by Brockhaurd Manufacturing. It uses the same rounds as the stand-alone GL-44 break-action grenade launcher, which is 40x53mm high-velocity payload round designed for medium to long-range engagement using single-shot launchers. Quite versatile and compatible with many rifle models, the GL-17 was originally designed for R-682 AMAR and it is compatible with other weapons like PB-504 Payload Rifle.

Pros and cons[]

  • High muzzle velocity compared to multi-shot grenade launchers.
  • Can be attached to any kind of rifles.
  • Single-shot only.
    • Incompatible with extended mags.