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The Kraber is the powerful bolt-action anti-materiel rifle, chambered in 14.5x114mm. The 25x82mm explosive payload rounds are recently added to Kraber's ammo type, adding an explosive twist to the already devastating shots, albeit with slightly slower bullet velocity.

In-game description

Powerful bolt-action anti-materiel rifle.

In-game short description

The Kraber Armor-Piercing Sniper (Kraber-AP Sniper) is a Pilot bolt-action anti-materiel rifle, appeared in numerous Titanfall games including Titanfall 2 and Apex Legends, returning in an upcoming Titanfall 3: Milkdromeda as an anti-materiel rifle in Sniper Rifles category. It is developed by Lastimosa Armory, and it can be chambered in either 14.5x114mm or 25x82mm payload rounds.


The Kraber-AP is a bolt-action sniper rifle with a side-mounted magazine, much like real-life counterpart, Denel NTW-20. As expected from its large-caliber 14.5x114mm rounds, it has unparalleled damage amongst Pilot weapons, able to kill any infantry in one shot at any range. Pilots must lead against moving targets due to the long projectile travel time between the shot and impact of the weapon's projectiles, especially with 25x82mm payload rounds.

The Kraber, as an anti-materiel rifle, supports a wide variety of optical attachments including the ACOG Scope, Thermal Scope, Variable Zoom Rifle Scope, Digital Threat Rifle Scope, the default Constant-Zoom Rifle Scope, reflex sights and even iron sights. It also supports the Extended Magazine and Suppressor. To increase its anti-materiel capabilities, the Kraber can be equipped with 25x82mm payload rounds. Some customization options also allow Pilots the ability to bounce their bullets, allowing them to ricochet around corners.

Pros and cons[]

  • As an anti-materiel rifle, it does a very high damage against both Pilots and Titans as well as other targets.
    • Hitting weakspots will guarantee a stun effect on a target.
      • Longer stun effect with explosive rounds.
    • A direct hit can mostly kill Pilots in one-hit.
      • Explosive rounds can kill Pilots regardless of body parts shot.
  • Comes with a 6x Constant-Zoom Scope by default.
    • It can be opted for other rifle scopes, reflex sights and even iron sights.
  • Bullets penetrate enemies, allowing you to hit multiple targets with one shot.
    • Explosive and ricochet rounds replaces penetration with explosion radius and ricochet respectively.
  • Needs to re-chamber a new round after every shot, along with long reloading animation.
    • This can be made faster with Sleight of Hand perk.
  • Bad hip-fire accuracy.
  • Quite high projectile drop at a long range, especially with 25x82mm payload rounds.

Ammunition types[]

Like PB-504 Payload Rifle, the Kraber can be equipped with payload rounds, which is an upscaled 25x59mm for use with that bolt-action AMR, enhancing the lethality on certain situations, but it comes with a slower bullet velocity, but compensated by projectile's high mass.

Image Description
Kraber's base round.
25x82mm Explosive
Bullets explodes on impact. Replaces penetration with splash damage.
25x82mm Ricochet
Bullets bounces on both soft and hard surfaces, sacrificing penetration for the ability to hit multiple enemies in cornered area.
25x82mm Thermite
Bullets ignites on impact, creating a fire on the impact area.
25x82mm Arc
Bullets explodes on impact, releasing an electrical current. Replaces penetration with splash damage and can stun organic targets and can it kill robotic targets.
25x82mm Tranquilizer Smoke
Bullets releases a sleeping gas on impact, creating an incapacitating smoke on the impact area.
25x82mm Electric Smoke
Bullets releases an electric smoke on impact, releasing an electrical current. Can electrocute both organic and synthetic targets.