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This semi-automatic anti-materiel rifle capable of firing 25x59mm explosive payload rounds as well as .50 BMG anti-materiel cartridges. both IMC and Militia pilots generally found the PB-504's reduced weight and its semi-automatic fire mode a worthy trade-off.

In-game description

Anti-materiel rifle with a punch.

In-game short description

The PB-504 Anti-Materiel Payload Rifle (PB-504 AMPR) is a Pilot semi-automatic .50 cal/25mm anti-materiel rifle and sniper grenade launcher, appearing in an upcoming Titanfall 3: Milkdromeda. It is developed by Paradinha Arsenal and Wonyeon Defense.


The PB-504 AMPR is a semi-automatic anti-materiel sniper rifle that fires a 25x59mm payload rounds, typically high-explosive one, much like a real-life counterpart, Barrett XM109, in addition to .50 BMG anti-materiel rifle cartridges. It is the lighter but a much faster rate-of-fire equivalent of Kraber-AP Sniper that deals little less damage. It can be chambered in either ten-round .50 BMG or six-round 25x59mm detachable-box magazine.

The PB-504 can be either an anti-materiel sniper rifle, or a direct-fire grenade launcher depending on some situations.

Bullet velocity for 25x59mm rounds are much slower compared to the .50 BMG variant, much like Neopup PAW-20 direct-fire grenade launcher.

The sophisticated fire-control system, or active recoil compensation in other words are integrated into PB-504, designed to compensate for 25x59mm's intense recoil.

Both versions of PB-504 AMPR are based on the belt-fed Mag Launcher, converted into a semi-automatic, magazine-fed anti-materiel rifle.

The design for the standard version of PB-504 AMPR is vaguely similar to a Barrett M82A1 anti-materiel rifle, but generally futuristic.

The design for lighter, bullpup version of PB-504 AMPR is vaguely similar to a DSR-50, the big differences is that foward magazine holder is replaced by a carrying handle similar to Intervention sniper rifle, and it is semi-automatic rather than bolt-action.

Pros and cons[]

  • Can one-shot enemy Pilots, Grunts and Spectres regardless of the ammo type used.
  • Explosive rounds stuns enemies nearby.
  • Thermite rounds can set anything flammable on fire and it can kill Pilots if they are too close to it.
  • High DPS against Titans especially with 25x59mm explosive rounds.
  • As an anti-materiel rifle, it is capable of destroying enemy equipments in one hit and packs a heavier punch against armored combatants and it is capable of destroying Titan parts, penetrate thick walls, making it possible to wallbang Pilots.
  • Can attach an underbarrel grenade launcher that other AMRs cannot.
  • High recoil with 25x59mm ammunition types, making it inaccurate on rapid follow-up shots.
  • Slow bullet velocity, especially with payload rounds.
  • Bad hipfire accuracy.


  • The PB-504 AMPR is generally inspired by DSR-50 (bullpup version), and Barrett M82 and XM109 respectively.
  • The designation for this weapon references SCP-504.