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A Pilot quadruple missile launcher, adapted from Titan weapon Quad Rocket. Effective against Titans. Aim down sights to actually lock-on.

In-game description

Quadruple rocket launcher.

In-game short description

The R-1178 Multi-Shot Missile Launcher (R-1178 MSML) is a Pilot-operated anti-Titan quadruple rocket launcher developed by Brockhaurd Manufacturing, first appeared in Titanfall 3: Milkdromeda. It is the adaptation from the Titan Quad Rocket, to be used by Pilots as a fast-firing, but less powerful Archer Heavy Rocket.


The R-1178 is a bulky Pilot anti-Titan weapon that packs a punch against Titans and other heavier targets. It holds a one missile for each four clips. The R-1178 is come equipped with high-explosive anti-Titan (HEAT) round derived from M202's XM78 round. Incendiary, arc and electric smoke rounds are also available for R-1178.

Like Archer Heavy Rocket and LG-97 Thunderbolt, it does not accept foreign optics.

Ammo types[]

As R-1178 uses 66mm missiles, which is in Payload Rounds ammo category, it can have different effects, usually high-explosive.

Image Description
66mm High-Explosive Anti-Titan (HEAT)
R-1178 standard round.
66mm Incendiary
Missiles explodes upon impact with a fire, burning anything nearby. Slightly less damage.
66mm Arc
Missile releases an electrical surge upon impact, frying electronics nearby. Can stun Titans.
66mm Tranquilizer Smoke
Missiles releases a sleeping gas on impact, creating an incapacitating smoke on the impact area. Can not only obscures vision, but it also incapacitates organic targets in the smoke.
66mm Electric Smoke
Missiles releases an electric smoke on impact, releasing an electrical current. Can electrocute both organic and synthetic targets and obscures vision as well.

Pros and cons[]

  • High DPS against Titans.
  • Can be rapidly fired, making it effective against hordes of enemies.
  • Less damage than Archer Heavy Rocket.
  • Needs ADS to lock-on.
  • Clip size cannot be increased.


  • M202 FLASH is a real-life counterpart of R-1178 MSML.