This semi-automatic, directed-energy anti-materiel rifle capable of firing projectiles composed entirely of plasma that explodes upon impact and burns anyone in the close proximity to the impact. The SDL-1548 AMPR combines the sniper, grenade launcher and shotgun aspect into one.

In-game description

Explosive energy anti-materiel rifle.

In-game short description

The SDL-1548 AMPR (Anti-Materiel Plasma Rifle) is a directed-energy, semi-automatic anti-materiel rifle that shoots a glob of plasma that explodes upon impact with anything, developed by Vinson Dynamics and Lastimosa Armory. First appeared in Titanfall 3 alongside with SDL-938 Plasma Rifle.

Description[edit | edit source]

SDL-1548 AMPR is a bullpup semi-automatic, directed-energy anti-materiel rifle capable of firing explosive projectiles composed entirely of plasma that explodes on impact, causing injuries to nearby enemy infantry targets as well as instantly killing enemy infantry that who struck by a plasma-composed projectile. It uses the same ammunition as SDL-938 Plasma Rifle.

However, SDL-1548 AMPR is not a true sniper rifle as it can be used on any ranges as well, it can either be a sniper, a shotgun or even an anti-Titan weapon.

The weapon design shares the L-STAR EMG, SDL-938 Plasma Rifle and Sentinel-AT AMR.

The SDL-1548 itself can be used as a crowd control weapon, especially using the SDL-457 incendiary energy ammo and/or the Electrical Conduits hop-up attachment.

Pros and cons[edit | edit source]

  • High direct-hit damage.
    • Direct hits anywhere to the body are guaranteed a one-shot kill.
    • High damage against Titans.
  • As an anti-materiel rifle.
    • Can open doors by shooting.
    • Can sever Titan's arms and ordnances with any direct hits with it.
    • Can immobilize Titans on any direct hits with its weak spot.
  • Explosive nature damages nearby enemies.
  • Crowd control capability, can be made better with incendiary ammo and Electrical Conduits hop-up attachment, either independently or in tandem.
  • Lower recoil compared to Sentinel-AT AMR.
  • Plasma Charge hop-up make it hit harder and more explosion damage on longer pulls.
  • Lower damage compared to Sentinel-AT AMR, a semi-automatic anti-Titan weapon.
  • High recoil makes it inaccurate on subsequent shots.
  • Explosions created from its projectile, despite it's size, inflicts less damage.
    • Enemy infantry targets in a very close proximity to the impact, about 1.5 meter can still be killed in one hit.
  • Plasma Charge hop-up will eat up more ammo on longer pulls.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This weapon in Titanfall 3 has been improved from a Naladen sniper rifle from Mass Effect: Andromeda.
    • As a base weapon, direct hits from its basic projectile can now score a one-shot kill anywhere to the body and inflicts massive damage to Titans.
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