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A semi-automatic anti-materiel rifle capable of inflicting massive damage to Titans for each hit, chambered in 14.5x114mm DU penetrator APFSDS, it uses an electromagnetic propulsion to accelerate its .57-cal projectiles into a hypersonic speed.

In-game description

Semi-automatic heavy anti-materiel rifle.

In-game short description

The Sentinel Anti-Titan anti-materiel rifle, designated as R-2818 "Black Widow", or simply known as Sentinel-AT AMR is a recoil-operated, electromagnetically-actuated, bullpup semi-automatic anti-materiel rifle developed by the Paradinha Arsenal, first appeared in Titanfall 3. Despite its designation as an anti-Titan weapon, it is used by some armed forces as an anti-personnel sniper system. It is chambered for 14.5x114mm DU penetrator APFSDS.


It is a recoil-operated, dual-stage, bullpup semi-automatic anti-materiel rifle, designed for use against Titans. It has battery magazines to allow any energy sources to charge shots with more damaging effect. Additionally, the Sentinel-AT AMR uses electromagnetic propulsion to drive 14.5mm APFSDS round to the hypersonic speed.

It's a higher-caliber, semi-automatic variant of Sentinel ESR and Sentinel-AP Sniper to fire more powerful 14.5x114mm rounds at hypersonic speed. It retains the charging mechanics from both original Sentinel and the .50-cal variant.

It has a unique charge mechanic, derived from Sentinel enhanced sniper rifle platform. When charged, bullets fired from Sentinel-AT AMR will completely break Titan shields in one hit and deals extra unshielded damage, making this already dangerous weapon even more dangerous.

Pros and cons[]

  • One shot kill against Pilots regardless of body parts.
  • High projectile speed.
  • Bullets penetrate enemies, allowing you to hit multiple targets with one shot.
  • Charged shots will break the Titan's shield on hit.
    • Charged shots will have an additional energy damage.
    • Can inflict massive damage on longer trigger pulls using the Charge Hack hop-up attachment.
  • As an anti-materiel rifle.
    • Can open doors by shooting the handle.
    • Can sever Titan's hands and ordnances.
    • Can temporary slows down or even immobilizes Titans.
    • Bullets will go through thick walls, making it possible to wallbang Pilots and kill inside Titans.
  • High recoil. The recoil is so strong that rapid fire is inaccurate even on ADS.
  • Low magazine capacity.


  • Sentinel-AT AMR is inspired by PTRS-41 anti-tank rifle.
  • The R-2818 designation references an SCP-2818, a semi-automatic anti-materiel rifle capable of launching users through anomalous means[1].