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Sentinel is a bullpup bolt-action anti-material rifle, capable of charging shots.

Sentinel Enhanced Sniper Rifle, also known as Sentinel ESR, or simply Sentinel is a series of bullpup multi-caliber anti-material rifle, manufactured by Paradinha Arsenal.

Sentinel-AP Sniper is usually chambered for .50BMG, the same ammo as Barrett .50 cal and DSR-50 sniper rifle, it can also be chambered for 25x59mm frag rounds with airburst capability.

Sentinel-AT AMR is a semi-automatic analog that harness the power of 14.5x114mm rounds and electromagnetic propulsion combined, and are capable of firing rounds with the velocity of Mach 5, making Sentinel-AT AMR superior to Kraber .50-cal Sniper in addition to being semi-automatic and the ability to wallbang Pilots even inside Titans.


Sentinel ESR is a bullpup bolt-action anti-material rifle that are capable of charging shots, it usually chambered for .50BMG but it can also fires 25x59mm frag rounds, with airburst capability. Charging a Sentinel ESR only requires any energy sources.

Sentinel-AT AMR is a bullpup semi-automatic electromagnetic-actuated anti-material rifle chambered for 14.5x114mm Keter, capable of killing enemies behind walls and dealing massive kinetic energy damage to Titans as well. However, the 14.5x114mm APFSDS fired from Sentinel-AT AMR is considerately fast as hypersonic speed. It retains the charging capabilities and bullpup configuration as the fact this weapon is based on Sentinel Electromagnetic Actuated Enhanced Sniper Rifle platform.


Sentinel-AP Sniper usually fires .50BMG, but it can also fires 25x59mm grenades as well. The .50 BMG-like ammo comes with armor-piercing, incendiary, non-lethal, and even APFSDS (armor-piercing fin-stabilizing discarding sabot) variants. Sentinel-AT AMR usually fires 14.5x114mm, but it can also fires 20x110mm airburst rounds as well as 20mm Vulcan.

Airburst rounds[]

An experimental 25x59mm explosive round, also known as frag round developed by IMC, designed not only explode on impact, but it also in mid-air unlike a real-life counterpart of 25x59mm explosive round (which does not have an airburst capability), demolishing nearby enemy infantries, including Pilots with shrapnel released from it and explosion itself. They are more expensive compared to non-airburst ones.

An experimental 20x102mm explosive round is also developed by IMC for Sentinel-AT AMR. It retain the airburst capability of 25x59mm frag rounds.

Both variants of Sentinel ESR, when loaded with frag rounds is a high-velocity, low-caliber grenade launcher with airburst capabilities similar to XM25 CDTE.


In Titanfall 3, there are two variants of Sentinel ESR, this includes Sentinel-AT AMR, a semi-automatic variant of Sentinel that is designed for anti-Titan roles, chambered for 14.5x114mm.

Sentinel-AP Sniper[]

Sentinel-AP Sniper is a higher-caliber variant of Sentinel from Apex Legends. The powerful .50 BMG ensures consistent one shot kill on any body parts and it can penetrate heavy body armor.

IMC's Project SEKTA (Titanfall 3)

Sentinel Anti-Personnel Sniper, or simply known as Sentinel-AP Sniper is an electromagnetically-actuated bolt-action sniper rifle, chambered for .50 BMG. It has battery magazines for charging shots for maximal damage. The reason Sentinel-AP Sniper is chambered for .50 BMG anti-material cartridge is that IMC wants to get a consistent one-shot kill on an armored personnel.

Sentinel-AT AMR[]

Sentinel-AT AMR is a semi-automatic anti-material rifle chambered for 14.5x114mm Keter rounds, which is an APFSDS with DU penetrator. These projectiles fired moves at hypersonic speed, making Sentinel-AT AMR more powerful using the similar ammo as Kraber .50-cal Sniper.

Project SEKTA (Titanfall 3)

Sentinel Anti-Titan semi-automatic anti-material rifle, simply known as Sentinel-AT AMR is a semi-automatic anti-material rifle chambered for 14.5x114mm "Keter" APFSDS. It's designed to hammer Titans with a powerful kinetic energy. These projectiles fired moves at Mach 5, making Sentinel-AT AMR more powerful than Kraber-AP Sniper. Sentinel-AT AMR retains the Sentinel's charging mechanics, a bullpup configuration and electromagnetic propulsion.

Sentinel-AT AMR is the closest thing to Barrett .50-cal in Titanfall universe as this weapon is chambered for heavy cartridges and is semi-automatic.

This name for new experimental 14.5x114mm ammunition is after the object classification which SCP anomalies are very difficult and costly to contain.



  • When charged, it injects lightsaber's plasma into bullets, making both Sentinel-AP Sniper and Sentinel-AT AMR an energy anti-material rifle.
    • This makes Sentinel-AT AMR more destructive comparable to miniaturized Optimus Prime's Ion Blaster, demolishing Titans in 4 hits.

Sentinel-AP Sniper[]

  • Sentinel ESR, Havoc Energy Rifle, Prowler Burst PDW and Peacekeeper energy shotgun are weapons in Titanfall universe that only appeared in Apex Legends.
    • This might return in Titanfall 3 as a bolt-action .50-cal sniper rifle.

Sentinel-AT AMR[]

  • Sentinel-AT AMR can actually kill Pilots inside Titans even when uncharged. This is due to in fact that projectile moves at extreme speeds.
  • Sentinel-AT AMR is unscoped by default like real-life PTRS-41, making it difficult for long-range engagements if you don't have any telescopic sights.