Infobox weaver

Name Value
can_dispel yes
duration 3600
save_type None

Test case for this question. On the left is a DPL call trying to retrieve parameter values set in the making of the infobox on the right. It fails hard, there are many more parameters.

To simplify the test there's only one type of "effect", see the Details section.


  1. As a template, Infobox weaver uses #tag to build an infobox dynamically
  2. Infobox base effect adds an "effect" row to that infobox
  3. Effect STR bonus calls Infobox base effect and passes arguments to it, though only one is actually displayed by the infobox.
  4. The template call to Infobox weaver on this page injects instances of Effect STR bonus and can override most of the parameters it sets.
  5. The call in point #4 is how this feature is meant to be used
  6. Other features want to rely on DPL to retrieve the data "stored" that way
  7. Phantom can replace any of the other templates in the include statement of a DPL call. It adds one table row per parameter stolen from the "real" template it replaces.


I can't get DPL to see most parameters, it only catches those that were defined in the top level, i.e. in the template call to Infobox weaver when Phantom replaces Effect STR bonus.

I'd like to catch all values passed by Effect STR bonus into Infobox base effect.

Likely cause of the problem

  • Infobox base effect is not called directly on this page so it seems that DPL can't replace it to catch the values passed into it by Effect STR bonus. If it's really the issue, any idea?
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