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Vizzy.io is still in alpha stage, may contain glitches and missing features.

Vizzy.io is a music video maker website developed by GamleGaz, pimme and iGerman. It is a next generation of musicvid.org, a free audio visualizer maker website. It has an editor more advanced than Avee Player, visualizer templates and an upcoming lyrics tool.

Registration was required to use Vizzy, but now, registration is optional.

The Brown-Puckette variable-Q transform and the new frequency scaling system was added into Vizzy, replacing the old ones, which does not use CQT nor VQT as well as Avee Player's Spectrum2 but with VQT capability.


  • The p5.js sketch responsible for audio analyzers originally started as a showcase for Avee Player v1.3.0 wishlists, especially AudioProviders, this includes but not limited to FFT bin interpolation for Spectrum1 and constant-Q transform for Spectrum2.
    • On August 2020, this aforementioned sketch was turned into a reality and improved upon, and the Goertzel algorithm are heavily-optimized, but still CPU-intensive.

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